Where have you been?

16 Nov

I am sure you are all wanting to ask me this question. I am not sure what I have been so busy doing for the past 2+ months, but I guess I have been quite busy.
For some reason October ends up being quite busy for cakes. I am not sure why. Though this October was a little less than the past 2 Octobers.
I have also been quite busy with the wreath fundraiser for our preschool. I am on the preschool board this year and volunteered to head up the wreath fundraiser. We received our shipment of wreaths from Mickman Brothers this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Everything was sorted by Wednesday afternoon and most everyone got their orders picked up before 6pm! It feels so great to have all this done!! Here is a picture of all the wreaths sorted into piles ready for the parents to pick up and distribute. What a great feeling when everything arrived and was sorted! wreaths2014
We were able to use our local appliance store/service center to do our sorting. What a blessing!! I also had help with the sorting from a couple other board members. I could not have done it alone!
We have a few sprays and a 25′ garland left to sell but that is not too bad. Most of the extra things were sold within hours of posting it on a couple of local groups on Facebook. :)

Now my girls and I are visiting my family, my husband was unable to come along this time. I am enjoying not having to do much for my kids since my sisters are enjoying being aunties! I decided I better get a blog post done with some of this free time. After lunch, though, I will have to clean the house a little while my parents are busy working outside to repair the fence. I would love to help outside, but mom would rather I clean the carpets as that is her least favorite thing to do.

Thanks for sticking around. I have a few exciting reviews in the works in the next month or so! Stay Tuned!!

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One Response to “Where have you been?”

  1. Elissa November 22, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    I like hearing from you. :) And not just another review. You should do this more often. How’s that potty training coming along? I’ve got a little stickler here too. She’s not making this easy at all. But we’ll get there right? :)

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